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Self-paced computer graphics courses including focus areas such as games, VFX, and animation.

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We provide a wide range of courses by experts in the field.

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Frequently asked questions

What is SIGGRAPH University?

SIGGRAPH University is an online platform serving as the hub for all things learning related within the ACM SIGGRAPH community, providing Computer Graphics resources to students and professionals around the world.

SIGGRAPH University hosts curated Computer Graphics course curriculum presented by experts, with focus areas including but not limited to: foundations, games, animation, vfx, art, and design.

In addition, SIGGRAPH University will provide free resources and events related to Career Development.

How much does it cost to take a course?

Currently all course are available for free. Premium subscription-based courses will be available in the future.

Are these courses for me?

All SIGGRAPH University courses are designed for Computer Graphics professionals and students, covering various topics within the field.

If you’re interested in Computer Graphics-related topics then you’re at the right place.

Do you provide a certificate?

Not at this time.

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SIGGRAPH volunteers are from all over the world, dedicated to providing learning and mentorship opportunities for the computer graphics community.